PSA 2019 Student Paper Recognition


Eleven student authors presented papers during PSA 2019 sessions, as noted in the table below. Based on evaluation of the papers and their presentations, the Technical Program Committee is pleased to announce the following results:


  • Top Student Paper: Ms. Sara Lyons (University of Maryland)
  • First Runner-Up (Two Papers): Ms. Yinan Cai (MIT) and Mr. Jong Woo Park (UNIST)
  • Second Runner-Up: Claudia Picoco (Ohio State University). *

We congratulate all the student authors and appreciate their contribution to the PSA 2019 conference.  The TPC wishes each student have a long and interesting career in their chosen fields, and we hope that many will continue to be technical leaders in probabilistic safety assessment and analysis, risk and reliability applications, and related areas.

No. Student University Paper Number Paper
1 Ali Ayoub ETH Zürich 27229 Simplified/harmonized PSA: a generic modeling framework applied to precursor analysis
2 Yinan Cai Massachusetts Institute of Technology 27448 An Illustrative, Interview-based Risk Framework for Treatment of High-Stress Human Actions in Multiunit Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
3 Robby Christian Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 27055 Code Surrogate Development for Dynamic PRA
4 Brian Cohn Ohio State University 27169 Preliminary Methodology and Scenarios for Integrated Safety/Security Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessments
5 Yunyeong Heo Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology 27021 Evaluation of Common Cause Failure by an Initiating Event for Multi-unit using Bayesian Belief Network
6 Ibrahim Jarrah University of Illinois 27167 Estimating the Probability of Multiple Misloads in Spent Fuel Casks for Light Water Reactor Systems
7 Sara Lyons University of Maryland 27121  Applying Risk-Informed Decision-Making to the Acceptance Criteria for Evaluating Leak-Before-Break Analyses in Piping Susceptible to Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking Degradation
8 Jong Woo Park Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology 26999 Development of Cyber-Attack Complexity Evaluation Model for Cyber Security of Nuclear Power Plants
9 Claudia Picoco Ohio State University 27012 Integration of Recoveries into Dynamic Event Trees:
A Case Study
10 Darpan Shukla Homi Bhabha National Institute 27014 Reliability analysis of a dynamic system using Petri net and comparison with Smart Component Methodology
11 Jonathan DeJesus Segarra University of Maryland 27110 Incorporation of Spatial Variability of Ground Motions in a Seismic Multi-Unit Probabilistic Risk Assessment

* While Ms. Picoco presented two papers she is recognized for the paper entitled, Integration of Recoveries into Dynamic Event Trees: A Case Study.