Organization Committee Members

Position Name Affiliation
General Chair Kevin O’Kula AECOM Technical Services
Technical Program Advisory Board Chair Professor Mohammad Modarres University of Maryland
Assitant Technical Program chair Bonnie Shapiro SRS/Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
University/Student Coordinator Professor Travis Knight University of South Carolina
Early Career Coordinator Maeley Brown AECOM Technical Services
Finance Chair Damon Bryson V.C. Summer, SCANA
Arrangements Elise Malek
John Dewes
Publications ANS Headquarters/Tracy Stover SRS/Savannah River
Nuclear Solutions
Website ANS Headquarters/Ray Lux/Liz & Dave Henley AECOM Technical Services
Publicity Phil Cupp Retiree, South Carolina
Exhibits Chair Duane Twining V.C.Summer, SCANA
Workshops Kevin O’Kula AECOM Technical Services
Tours and Events April 30, 2019 – Charleston Harbor Tour:
Carl Fields and Linda Wright;
May 1, 2019, Vogtle New Build:
Karen Fili/Mike McCracken/TJ Corder;
May 1, 2019 – HLW SRS: To be determined
Retirees, URS and DOE SR
Southern Company