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2017 International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis

Pittsburgh, PA, USA · September 24-28, 2017

For almost 40 years, the ANS topical meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment has been providing a forum for leaders in the risk assessment community to exchange information, present results from their work, review the state of the industry, and charter future directions and needs for the deployment of a safer and more efficient fleet of nuclear power plant systems around the world. In 2017, the ANS PSA conference returns in Pittsburgh, PA. Probabilistic Safety Assessments have been instrumental in the advancement of safety of the existing fleet on nuclear plants, and have supported the design of new reactor concepts. Risk-informed technologies and applications have made plants more reliable and efficient to run. The evolution of PSA technology and tools in support of the next generation of risk-informed applications and design will be highlighted at this exciting event.

Subject Categories:

• Accident Analysis Level 2 and Level 3

• Non-Nuclear Power Generation PSA

• Advanced Information Technology and PSA

• “Other” External Hazards PSA

• Advanced Nuclear Systems

• Passive System Safety and Reliability

• Chemical Industry PSA

• Plant Siting Issues

• Common Cause Failures

• Power Generation Risk and Reliability

• Computer Codes

Proliferation Risk

• Configuration Risk Management

• PSA Standards

• Cyber Security/Cyber Risk

• PSA Peer Reviews

• Data and Parameter Estimation

• PSA Training and Education

• Digital I&C Safety and Risk Analysis

• Regulatory Activities in PSA

• Drilling Industry PSA

• Risk Aggregation

• Dynamic PSA

• Risk-Informed Maintenance

• Environmental Safety

• Risk-Informed Plant Security

• Equipment and Plant Aging

• Risk-Informed Regulation

• External Events Analysis

• Risk-Informed Decision Making

• External Flood PSA

• Safety Culture and Organizational Factors

• Fire Analysis and NFPA-805

• Safety Margins and PSA

• Fukushima Lessons Learned

• Seismic PSA

• High-Winds PSA

• Significance Determination Process

• Human Factors and Behavioral Sciences

• Small Modular Reactor PSA

• Human Reliability

• Software Reliability and Data

• Internal Flooding PSA

• Spent Fuel Pool and Radioactive Waste PSA

• Low Power and Shutdown PSA

• Structural Reliability Analysis Methods

• Modeling and Simulation

• Transportation Risks

• Next Generation Reactor PSA

• Uncertainty Analysis and Modeling

• Non-Light Water Reactor Safety

• Waste Management

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